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Dear Saturday | 01

Dear Saturday | 01 This week, in honor of our upcoming Hot 26+ Teacher Training launch, we’ll be sharing a short thought or quote each Saturday morning, just for you to ponder, share and enjoy. These are [...]

Interested in FREE Unlimited Classes?

Interested in FREE Unlimited Classes? Apply for BYLKN's Karma Yoga Program "Share & Receive" We're looking for a couple of yogis to share their energy with our teachers and students by contributing their helping hands “behind the [...]

4 Reasons Why we Love Dialog-Based Instruction

  The original hot yoga practice comes to us from a very strong line of gurus who used the postures to help people heal their bodies and improve their strength, flexibility and balance long before western medicine was available. [...]

Begin where you are.

So many good reasons to make BYLKN your path forward for Whole-body Fitness More about Amy... Bikram Yoga Lake Norman is a place where you can free your [...]

Teacher Training that is more than 26 Postures

Thoughts on Leadership by Amy Clement By popular demand, we’ve created a new non-immersion 9 weekend, 9 months Hot 26+ Teacher Training program that will begin at our Lake Norman Campus in September. Our comprehensive 500-hour training is based on the “Original [...]

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