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Donation-Only Hot Pilates Class to Support Las Vegas Victims Fund

Support the Victims of Las Vegas by joining us for a Donation-only Hot Pilates Class Thursday, October 12th 10:00 – 11:00 am As news continues to unfold around the recent shooting in Las Vegas, we all look for ways to support the victims of this event.   Join us for a donation-only class as we raise money for the Las Vegas Victims Fund. One Hundred percent (100% ) of the monies received will be sent directly to the GoFundMe [...]

Why I’ve become a Bikram Believer

as Told by Stephen Glass Why I’ve become a Bikram Believer   We are continuing our blog series that tells the story of several of our students, and why they have become Bikram Believers. For many of these students, you read about life-changing experiences brought about by their Bikram Yoga practice.  Today we introduce you to Stephen Glass.  Stephen and his wife, Carla, recently relocated to the Lake Norman area from Durham where they were dedicated Bikram Yoga students. Stephen [...]

Let’s Play the 30 day Bingo Challenge!

WHAT IS IT? The Bingo Challenge consists of doing  something with your practice that’s just a little beyond what you thought you could do: Challenge yourself to complete a certain number of classes in 30 days! That's it. Pure and Simple.  While any Challenge is a commitment of time, it is more importantly a commitment to one's health, wellness, and spirit! WHY DO IT? Experience for yourself the amazing physical, mental and physiological benefits of a consistent practice. During the Challenge, [...]


Do you remember reading the book The Little Engine That Could about the little blue engine that was challenged to pull a train over a high mountain? The little engine accepted the challenge and repeated the mantra "I-think-I-can", and succeeded! I remember this as if it was yesterday.  I attended a 3 day workshop with Mary Jarvis, a senior Bikram Instructor who has been practicing since 1984. Mary freely shares her wisdom and knowledge with those who want to [...]

$99 Autopay Still Client Favorite

Class Card Plans Increase September 1 So... it had to happen at some point. After almost four years in business, we are increasing prices on three of our plans. Thanks to you and your overwhelming support of our studio, we’ve been able to remain at January, 2014 prices for this long! Here are the new prices effective September 1: Drop in Class $20 ($2 increase) 5 class card $75 ($5 increase) 10 class card $135 ($10 increase) Here's the [...]

How Are You Spending Your Time?

(Note: Christine Loeffler and I have worked together on business projects since 2005 and are co-developing the up and coming teacher training course, HOT 26+ Teacher Training, which launches next month.) by Christine Loeffler As Amy and I prepare for our Hot 26+ Teacher Training, we both have been burning the candle at both ends at times. However, with Amy’s credentials as a master teacher and coach, she’s definitely better at keeping things in balance than I tend to [...]

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