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Stories & Updates from Bikram Yoga Lake Norman

2407, 2017

A Dose of Clarity to Achieve Meaningful Productivity

A Dose of Clarity to Achieve Meaningful Productivity! In conversation with a few studio  owners about business best practices recently, one question stuck with me. “I have big goals that I want to achieve, but I can’t seem to get to them. Is there a way I can get more time out of my day? [...]

2107, 2017

Dear Saturday | 01

Dear Saturday | 01 This week, in honor of our upcoming Hot 26+ Teacher Training launch, we’ll be sharing a short thought or quote each Saturday morning, just for you to ponder, share and enjoy. These are the words that inspire our writing, and our teaching. Some of them were the catalyst for the development of our [...]

1907, 2017

Interested in FREE Unlimited Classes?

Interested in FREE Unlimited Classes? Apply for BYLKN's Karma Yoga Program "Share & Receive" We're looking for a couple of yogis to share their energy with our teachers and students by contributing their helping hands “behind the scenes” of the studio.   We're currently in need of 2 new volunteers starting in August!Volunteers receive FREE unlimited classes for [...]

1907, 2017

Enjoy some hot summer savings on your favorite Yin Yoga class! 

Interested in FREE Unlimited Classes? Special $10 drop in class for the 6:30 pm Class with Fawn on Thursday Nights. This special promotion applies for drop-ins only. Otherwise, you can use your existing class card. Want to bone up on the health benefits of Yin Yoga? Click here to go to our article.... [...]

1507, 2017

4 Reasons Why we Love Dialog-Based Instruction

  The original hot yoga practice comes to us from a very strong line of gurus who used the postures to help people heal their bodies and improve their strength, flexibility and balance long before western medicine was available. The Dialogue Instruction in our program originated in the Bikram-method. Here are 4 key reasons we believe that dialogue-led instruction is [...]

1207, 2017

Begin where you are.

So many good reasons to make BYLKN your path forward for Whole-body Fitness More about Amy... Bikram Yoga Lake Norman is a place where you can free your body and mind, increase strength and flexibility, relieve stress, lose weight & tone muscles. You'll also learn how to put [...]

607, 2017

Teacher Training that is more than 26 Postures

Thoughts on Leadership by Amy Clement By popular demand, we’ve created a new non-immersion 9 weekend, 9 months Hot 26+ Teacher Training program that will begin at our Lake Norman Campus in September. Our comprehensive 500-hour training is based on the “Original Hot Yoga -Bikram Method” sequence and is approved by the OHYA.  Upon graduation, our trainees will be on a pathway [...]

607, 2017

What’s in a name?

Bikram Yoga? Original Hot Yoga?  Hot Yoga? Are you confused yet? Nowadays, folks are using lots of names to describe the practice of hot yoga. In this industry, names ARE important, because industry standards are at stake. To clear up any confusion, we’ve answered these frequently asked questions: Bikram Yoga is now commonly referred to at the Original Hot [...]