Planksgiving Challenge: 30 days of Planks & Thanks!

“30 days of Planks & Thanks”

Join us as we tighten our belts in preparation of the Thanksgiving Holiday! 

BEGINNING TODAY, we are starting to strengthen our core with 30 days of Planks and Thanks. It’s amazing with planks can do for you! Planks are a great way to build your core!

The Planks & Thanks Challenge  is ready for you to join, improve your fitness levels and have a great time!

You’ll be training with the chart to the right.  On December 1st, we will host the Plank-Off Competition, so grab your mat, and let’s get Planking!

Nov 1     20 secs

Nov 2     30s

Nov 3     30s

Nov 4     35s

Nov 5     rest

Nov 5     40s

Nov 6     45s

Nov 7     45s

Nov 8     45s

Nov 9     50s

Nov 10    rest

Nov 11  1 min

Nov 12  1 min

Nov 13  1 min 10s

Nov 14  1 min 20s

Nov 15  rest

Nov 16  1 min 20 s

Nov 17  1 min 30s

Nov 18  1 min 30s

Nov 19  1 min 45s

Nov 20  rest

Nov 21 1 m 45s

Nov 22 1 m 45 s

Nov 23 2 min

Nov 24 2 min

Nov 25 rest

Nov 26 2 min 15s

Nov 27  2 min 15s

Nov 28  2 min 30s

Nov 29 2 min 45s

Nov 30 3 min

Pick up a challenge card at the studio front desk and start your challenge today!

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