What does it mean to live your values?

Introducing the Bikram Manifesto

As I sit and look at the calendar it is really hard to believe that Bikram Yoga Lake Norman is celebrating its 3rd Birthday.    In some ways, it seems like yesterday that we were following through on our dream to open the studio.

Long before we broke ground, we knew that the true foundation of our business would be built on our values, guided by our purpose to help others achieve their highest potential.

Humbled by the Opportunity to Serve

In three short years we’ve been humbled by the ability to bring the community together to heal our bodies and minds through the practice of Bikram Yoga.

You’ve heard me say many times that reaching our potential begins with healing our bodies and minds. It has been our privilege to serve you as you travel this path.

Built on Values

Our values have given us a consistent framework to serve you better, and help you reach your goals. Every day, they lead our intention, measure our progress, and direct our behaviors.

I’m not quite sure what we’d do without them!  So today, we are sharing our values with you publicly.

Introducing the BYLKN manifesto.


Do you have a personal manifesto?   What values to you live on a daily basis that help you realize your goals and live your purpose?  Have you publicly declared them?   If not, start today by sharing below in our comments section. Let us know how we can support you on this journey to living your full potential.

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About the Author:

Amy Clement is a real estate and business professional, executive coach, speaker and writer, and owns Bikram Yoga Lake Norman. She has practiced Yoga for over 15 years and became a certified Bikram Yoga Instructor in 2012.

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