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2708, 2017

Dear Saturday | 06

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In a nod to the principles we share in our new our Hot 26+ Teacher Training program, we’ll be uploading a short thought or quote each Saturday, just for you to ponder, share and [...]

2308, 2017


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Do you remember reading the book The Little Engine That Could about the little blue engine that was challenged to pull a train over a high mountain? The little engine accepted the challenge and [...]

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“5 students over capacity in our Inferno Hot Pilates class this morning.
1 inch between mats, crazy!”

“The classes are SO POPULAR. Inferno Hot Pilates has injected my business with new life.
Not only do my current members love it, but IHP brings in a whole new demographic. ”

“32 students in my class tonight! And they are so happy!
They are losing weight and getting stronger day by day!
I love teaching the class, it’s so inspiring and has totally transformed our business!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!… ”