Mental Makeover #2

Mental Makeover #2

Yoga Practice rather than Yoga Perfect

“Falling out a posture means you are human.
Getting back into a posture means you are a yogi” – -Bikram

This is one of my favorite quotes and one that I have to remind myself about daily during my practice.   It is so easy to get focus on reaching full expression of a posture that you forgot the numerous attempts you need to make over the years to get to this point.

This quote came to mind last week when I was discussing my blog post 3 easy steps to conquer obstacles with a student.   We were discussing the Standing Head to Knee posture.

The student commented “Amy, I read your suggested process and that all sounds great but it just isn’t working for me in class.  I have been working hard on this posture for over a year and I still don’t have my balance yet alone a locked knee.  It’s just so frustrating”.

Wow, I could so easily identify with these comments as I experienced this same feeling for years. 

I hesitated for several seconds (which seems liked minutes) as I struggled to find the right words of response.
I opted for “have you heard us say in class that progress comes in inches, not in miles”?

It’s so very easy to believe that our work is about getting our practice perfect. And is it also easy to forget that what we are doing, today, tomorrow, and always is intended to be “yoga practice”.

My prayer is that I’ll always be a student, and this will always be my practice. And, I have the same prayer for you.


Stay tuned for next week: Mental Makeover #3
“The Obstacle is the Way”


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Amy is an entrepreneur with a passion for whole-body fitness. Her training expertise includes Original Hot Yoga, Inferno Hot Pilates, wellness, business best practices, leadership, training and executive coaching. She is the owner of Bikram Yoga Lake Norman., Pathforward Acadamy and is the founder and creator of HOT 26+ Teacher Training. She has practiced Yoga for over 20 years and became a certified Bikram Yoga Instructor in 2012.